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You're more than just a casual museum or concert-goer. You believe in the arts and the joy, entertainment, and enrichment they bring to our Nebraska communities and lives. You are a pARTner.

Nebraskans for the Arts invites you to be a pARTner in advocating for the arts. A portion of every new membership received today will shared with a Nebraska-based arts organization. So join today and help support two organizations.

YES! I want to be a pARTner and help support NFTA & arts organizations.

Membership Categories - $10 of your membership is forwarded to one of our arts organization members

  • pARTner....$30
  • Friend.......... $50
  • Sponsor...... $100-$249
  • Patron.......... $250-$499
  • Benefactor.. $500+ 
numbers only, no symbols
Please send my $10 pARTner share to:

Link to our current Arts Organization members

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Make this a monthly payment?
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